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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Self-taught Stress Relief

I bribe myself to read for school these days....I hate it, so I tell myself I'll read one chapter, one article, one whatever, then I get to stitch a little. I make rules for the stitching too, like I'll only thread my needle once before I start reading again or I'll just finish this one flower. I find the crisp pop of the needle piercing the fabric perfect for releasing my stress.

When I was a kid I learned to do those iron on Xs and I actually stitched two pillowcases. Sadly, those pillowcases disintegrated last summer. I'd been using them for probably more than 20 years. When I took up embroidery I ask a few questions and then just sort of figured it out...I highly recommend these two Pocket Guides from Leisure Arts. They are well worth the $4.95 price. I taught myself a new stitch just yesterday!

And just in case you are wondering....I've keep my promise to practice yoga for 20 minutes for two days now and the hubs made me say it again tonight. Between the yoga and the stitching I might survive this semester.

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Courtney K said...

Yay for making time for yourself! Miss ya!