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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project NO UFO: Finish #1

I'm on a mission to finish UFOs this summer. I'm pretty sure I said that last summer. I'm not going to vow not to start something new, but I'm going to plug away at "the finishing". I would love to start the fall semester with a few WIP projects that I can pick up and put down, but be unburdened of the ones that I'm not absolutely in love with and excited about. I'm headed back to my sewing room and I might make a list, but it might just be healthier for me to tackle them one at a time without knowing how many there really are....oh yeah, you would be right in identifying this as Bunny Hill's Tisket Tasket minus eight blocks.....I had five done, threw out the one I didn't like so well, filed the pattern, made the wall hanging, FINISHED (and yes, I know that is cheating).

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