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Monday, May 23, 2011

Project NO UFO: "finish" #2

Since yesterday, about this time (2pm) I've finished putting together three tops. The blocks were all sewn together, but there they sat screaming "UFO, UFO, UFO". That black and yellow one has been in the works for years. I do mean years, something like 10 years to be exact. I so loathe the sight of it and it is a mystery why I, who hates yellow and black together, chose that color combo. Since I have nothing appropriate to back it with it is going into the Project Linus donation bag immediately and I hope to never see it again. The little blue and yellow one is also being considered for donation, but I do have something that might work for a back for it, so perhaps I'll tack it and donate it finished or maybe use it as a practice quilt for quilting on my machine....I'm certainly not going to hand quilt it. It needs to be finished sooner than that!

The patchwork with the pink sashing is MINE! It makes me happy to look at it and I pieced those blocks while house-bound during last winter's many snow/ice days. I was working on my grad school "stuff" and was plenty busy, but finally cracked and broke out some sewing. I pieced all of one day and a little the next, but then I had to get back to work. They've only been sitting a few months, but they were starting to whisper "ufo, ufo, ufo."

The burden is starting to lift....still haven't made that list yet, and maybe I won't. This "walk in and work" technique seems to be working, so I'll try to keep it up.

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Monica said...

I know your time is limited but hey...if you run out of UFO's let me know. I have a bunch you can work on...LOL.