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Friday, June 10, 2011


This is close-ish detail of my sad machine quilting. Since this is a wall hanging that I made specifically for my sewing room I thought I would expedite things by practicing my machine quilting....it isn't heinous, but it isn't perfect either. Acceptable. I thought I would finish it tonight and though every thing is cut and ready to go for the binding and the sleeve I think I'll take a shower and read a bit before I go to bed.

Tomorrow, Mom and I are heading out for Day One of our Summer 2011 Shop Hop. My personal rules are one yard only at each shop, preferably in quarters, fat or otherwise. I'm hoping for stash building in the 30s and Civil War fabrics, but since I never met a fabric I didn't like I won't be bothered if a shop doesn't carry either. Not a problem, really.

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