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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Wishes....

For my birthday, I asked for help, both physical and financial, in doing a front porch makeover. One of the high priority things on the list was this old glider. It belonged to my Granny and Papa and I have very fond memories of swinging on the patio at their house with my cousins. Sadly, it was showing its age. The lime green paint was peeling, the white arms and base were rusting to the point that the bottom bar rusted through and the seats would collapse to the ground if you sat on it. This morning we tackled it and my hubs built a whole new support base for it when we discovered the old one couldn't be repaired. We then sanded it almost down to bare metal and primed it. In the picture above the seats are primed and the arms are painted.

I have three other chairs and a table and before we started this porch makeover they were lime green, pale blue, and a dark (oppressive) green. U.G.L.Y. The new color scheme is yellow and red with white arms....the glider will be yellow. I'll be working on the painting and the porch to in the coming days and will hopefully get to reveal the finished porch soon complete with fountain, fish, and plants and my lovely "new" chairs. See you soon!

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