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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Homesteading Chores

I spent the morning mowing on the tractor just trying to keep the briars from taking over the world. I also mowed some things I call "Triffids" and started to mow the big front pasture, but the poor little tractor got hot and tired and we stopped early. While I was doing that the Hubs was cutting pipe and prepping it to make H posts for the new pasture fence. I tried my hand at welding, but found it a little frustrating because I couldn't really see what I was doing. I realize that the whole point of the hood is to protect your eyes, but I was damn near blind. The Hubs said the above weld was a "good one", but they all looked pretty crappy to me. Anywho, I tried it and I'm really proud of my Hubs for tackling hot, yucky jobs. We saved ourselves about $250-275 by buying pipe and making the posts ourselves. We talked about how crafty we were and how our crafts complimented each other.

I love being self-sufficient and frugal and awesome!

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