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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snow cones are for grownups too!

While this undoubtedly is an unflattering picture of me it is the only evidence of my partaking of a blue coconut snow cone today. I could defend my looks by telling you about my trip to Tractor Supply to buying fencing and driving the big red farm truck which doesn't have air conditioning on this 100 degree day, but really...I don't give a hoot how I look except that I look happy!

HAPPY! And I'm happy to report that unlike other food memories from childhood wherein the real thing falls short of the memory, the blue coconut snow cone tastes EXACTLY the same as I remember. The only way it could have been better is if it had actually come on a white paper cone instead of in a styrofoam cup.

If you are in need of a snow cone and live in Granbury go to Paradise Ice (between Whataburger and Long John Silver's) besides being yummy, they have a drive through window, and the little girl that popped her head out the window and said, "Welcome, to Paradise" was cute as a button!

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