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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watching Paint Dry...

I came home today after a lovely day of birthday shopping with my mom and put the glider together. Then I finished the white part of the paint in hopes of finishing the other chairs and table tomorrow. I would love to do some inside jobs, but the ball is rolling on the project and I'm excited about it.

Even though it is hot and steamy here I have visions of sitting on my cute little porch, watching the birds, enjoying the tinkle of my fountain (I'll reveal that later) and sipping an agave lemonade on my lovely yellow glider.

We have a great front porch AND a back porch and we never take a meal there or just sit and enjoy the breeze. Why does it seem that things are always rush, rush, rush even when you have no place to go, no deadlines to meet, and no real pressing business? When this porch is finished I vow to spend some time on it, just sitting. JUST.

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Misti said...

That looks very inviting! A nice "just" and a glass of ice tea :)