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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frugal DIY: Using leftovers

Whew, I love a frugal project. After completing yesterday's Budget Closet Curtain. I went back to working on the guest bath makeover. The guest bath is my least favorite room in the house. Long and skinny, the sink, toilet, and shower are all jammed at one end and the vanity is long. It totally could have been spread out more. It has the feel of a hotel bathroom....you know the toilet and tub are just inches apart! Yuck! Couple that with the brown on brown on brown on brown color scheme she had going and I HATED it.

Since I can't do anything about the arrangement of the fixtures I decided to tackle the things I could. First up, paint. The walls were a brown reminiscent of the Legg's Egg pantyhose color "suntan"....kind of pinkish brown. HORRIFYING! I painted it creme....the same creme as the rest of the house. The fixtures are all white, the towels are white, the shower curtain is white, and I'm working on a wall hanging that will be muted shades of rose, mauve, and yellow (sounds ugly, but I promise it isn't) so, the screaming bright curtain hooks had to go, but I'm on a budget and I didn't want to spend precious dollars on new hooks when the old ones were perfectly good.

I thought it over and eventually lit on the idea of covering them with a yo-yo like cover using the leftover painter's drop cloth. Within an hour, "Voila", new shabby chic-ish hooks.

Total price: hmmm, free? (since I used leftovers and buttons from my husband's "retired" uniform shirts) and about an hour of my time (which I enjoyed thoroughly).

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