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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Budget Closet Curtain

Now, ya'll probably know I'm frugal and I suspect you know about my aversion to clutter (I get that from my mom) and you might even remember that I hate exercises in futility. Well, let's talk about the guest room. When we moved in we didn't unpack the guest room or the sewing room. The guest room became the receptacle for all things we did not know what to do with. Then the guest room was needed and I was in the middle of a semester with no time to do it right. All the shit was moved next door to the sewing making mountains of boxes. When the guest room was no longer needed the shit went back. Then it was needed again and I moved all the shit back to my sewing room. Then, when it was no longer needed I moved it's own shit AND my entire sewing room in there. I wanted to work on the sewing room without the mountains of boxes and I wanted to make good decisions about where things should live so, that I could make the best of my small space. I've been working on the sewing room, but even so until a few days ago you couldn't see the guest bed for all the things that I had not yet found a home for, but the in-laws are in route and I have to get that room ready for use.

I was so very frustrated with the futility of moving boxes back and forth that I just decided that I was going to get it done. Of course, this required that I wreck my sewing room with all the homeless shit again, but I guess I'll deal with that later. I've been working on getting the guest room sorted and cleaned; which brings me to my "budget closet curtain". It had to be cheap, hide the clutter, and prevent the moving of anymore shit from room to room.

This house was "move in ready", except that two closets were without doors and the openings were HUGE. Seriously, huge. In the sewing room, we built in a desk to the closet...problem solved and no door needed. In the guest room, we needed to cover it. The doors will likely have to be custom; which in my mind means expensive. Couple the expense with the lack of time and energy we have right now and I needed a solution. Thanks to Mary Jane's Farm mag for the suggestion for using painter's drop cloths for fabric. I bought two 6 feet by 9 feet cloths for under 20 bucks: it works out to just over $3.00 a yard for 72 inches wide. Now, if you are into perfection forget I mentioned it. But if you, like me, frequently work under the guidelines of "Good Enough" then these are awesome. Two sides are hemmed, two sides are selvedge. Each cloth was two pieces sewed together in roughly the middle....now, here's where your perfectionism might hold you back, one seam was vertical and one horizontal. Me, I don't care at all and really it isn't that noticeable and really, it is a guest room....So, I deem it "Good Enough for Guests",

Grand Total: $33 and less than an hour.

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