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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little Dish Rack Quilt

Forever and always we have used this ugly green towel under the dish rack. When I deem it dirty and it isn't laundry day it gets replaced with a clean towel that is even uglier.....tan and raggedy. Awhile back I saw a great idea for a dish rack quilt in MaryJane's Farm magazine....and true to form I stored the idea away for another day. Though I used the magazine article for inspiration I didn't follow their directions except that I bought the recommended June Taylor polyester fusible batting.

I had the center star block pieced....you know one of those, "that's looks cool, I think I'll try it" things. So, I try it, make just the one block, and put it in a pile of lonely solo blocks. I decided to make it the center and then I just rummaged around for something that would work with it. Since the center star was American Jane I found some 2 1/2 strips of the same and a little rectangle that was just enough for the corner squares. The yellow was about an 1/8 of a yard from the "stash" and sadly, the binding is a lovely yellow with bird tracks on it....the bird tracks aren't really in keeping with the American Jane style, but being binding you really don't notice the tracks....had I not used that I would have had to purchase something and I'm really trying to bust the stash down a bit.

I did this in the "quilt as you go" style meaning I (sort of) fused the backing to the batting then sewing the top together right there in place. It was the perfect project for me today and met all my current criteria for sewing and crafting.....
1. Doable in a day
2. Pretty and Practical
3. Make from things I already own

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Monica said...

That's a really good idea Jen! I would have never in a million years think to do that. I'd still be using the ugly towel...hahaha.