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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a Recovering Vegetarian

Yes, those of you that know me read that right. After 25+ years of vegetarianism I have begun eating meat. Firstly, in my defense I'm just listening to my body. I started to crave meat out of the blue....the worst kinds of meat; beef jerky, sausage, pepperoni, salami, hamburgers. Just the thought would have me salivating. So, back in June I had one little bitty slice of bacon and as my Mom says, "Bacon is the gateway meat". I later found out I was severely anemic which might explain the cravings.

Now, I'm not even to the point of eating meat once a week, but I'm not repulsed by the thought anymore and am maybe even a little excited about learning to cook meat. I stopped eating meat before I learned to cook, so I feel like it is an adventure I'm embarking on. Of course, you know how picky I am....I've only bought and consumed organic, grass fed beef and organic bacon and I'm not quite ready to eat a chicken, 'cause I like them so much. I'm wanting barbeque, but will have to do it myself so I can use organic meat...that should be an adventure of epic proportions. I can't wait!

The pic is of our first ever bacon-weave....after the bacon was done we poured scrambled eggs with onion, red bell pepper, and spinach over it and made a "woven omelet". (and I've saved every bit of that bacon grease....milk gravy and biscuits, mmmm).

I feel so much better now that I'm officially "out" about my meat eating....someone is going to revoke my hippie-card soon!


Monica said...

Now that you're back in school and eating meat again, you just let me know when you're ready for some of my smoked gruyere potatoes au gratin. It makes for a great comfort food.

Misti said...

SHUT UP! (I don't remember what I've recently seen that on, but this seems the perfect place to use it!)


ragamuffin yogini said...

Yes to the au gratin potatoes and "Shut Up!" is indeed the right thing to say....still can't believe it myself, of course the eating of meat is governed by RULES....you know like, I can only have a Dr. P if I've run that morning. Yeah, stupid rules......