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Friday, December 2, 2011

A FINISH...can you believe it?

Finished, bound, and on the bed. You remember this one right? I won it in a blog giveaway. The piecer is unknown, but it is hand-pieced. It was a little wonky, but I sorted that out with a wide border and some strategic pulling and pinning. I hand quilted it....I should say Utility quilted it....big sloppy stitches.

It turned out so well....the white bits in between the flowers must not have been pre-washed because when I washed it the crinkle came out just a bit. I LOVE it and what's more....it is king-size and I finished it while meeting all my school deadlines.

As for school....it still stinks, but I have to finish one more paper (4 pages to go) go to one more class, revise my thesis prospectus, and work 10 hours next week then I am done until January. The spring semester will be my last...one class and my thesis and then I get to figure out the job thing....this is a source of intense anxiety and worry. I feel fretful just saying "job." Enough of that now....just a few more days and I can play a little during the break.

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