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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Lovely Day

Today was a little strange, plans changed in mid-morning and we shifted gears and went to work on our chicken coop after spending the morning at the local Junior Livestock goat show. When my mom called to see if I wanted to meet at the local antique mall for some browsing I was excited to change out of my muddy boots and goaty sweatshirt and do some looking.

I generally have rules about antique stores.... The big rule is that I can only spend cash (today I only had $20 in my wallet) and I usually have a couple of other things in mind. I had recently said I wanted an old, shabby kitchen scale, but hadn't really been looking for one. I saw this beauty and mulled it over for the whole of the rest of my browsing....just before we left I circled back and nabbed it. For a mere $15 it was mine AND I think it might actually work though I haven't checked it out.

I intend to put it in the kitchen, but the pictures from that locale looked like crap, so I moved it to my shabby table where the light was better and though it still isn't a great shot it is better and it makes me happy so that is all that matters. Right?

(Have I written about my vintage-look sign in the background? I had a great time doing it and would like to make some more!)

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