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Friday, January 20, 2012

Super Duper Day!

Today was an amazing day....I don't know what made it so fantastic, but it was awesome. I ran errands and assembled my chicken brooder supplies, did chores like cleaning the barn, bought groceries, and turned compost, cruised my favorite antique mall and even got sawdusty in the garage. Super Duper Day!

I planned a shelf months and months ago. A simple shelf for the guest bath with cup hooks and antique tea cups dangling down. I had the lumber and I went out and found lonely little teacups and creamers. Then I found a pretty gravy boat to use for the soap dish and then.....I don't know what happened, but it became an item on my "dream" list. The long list of things I want to do, create, build, learn, etc, but that I never seem to get around to....well, today I got around to it!

After seeing a post at Post Road Vintage yesterday I was inspired and today I hit the garage late in the day. I built the shelf, painted it, distressed it, and hung it (and yes, I used a level to get it straight). The space is still blah, but now I have the skeleton to build on.

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