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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two hours

Today I squeezed out two hours to sew....not even two consecutive hours, but it was good all the same.

I started chores at 6am this morning, did three loads of laundry, hung them out, brought them in, folded them. I stood in the pasture for three hours (separately) so the boys could graze (fences aren't finished), warmed and served four bottles, I visited my mom/sister/niece, etc for maybe two hours, then evening chores. Funny how listing it makes it sound easy-peasy....not the case...I had to fight for my two hours of sewing time and I skipped lunch.

I'm not complaining at all, I hope it doesn't sound that way. I love caring for our critters and our house and garden, but it does amaze me some days how little time there is left over. Especially since I have the morning/evening chores down to a science.

Speaking of "down to a science" I've got it all super-organized and it goes like clockwork. My whole existence right now is ruled by alarms set on my phone. After the wake-up there is the 10am grazing alarm, the 11am bottle alarm, the 2pm grazing alarm, the 3pm bottle alarm, the 5pm start dinner alarm, the 6pm grazing alarm, the 7pm bottle and bedtime chore alarm. Everything but starting the dishwasher, taking a shower, and making the next day's tea is done by 8pm, which leaves a bit of time in the evening.

All those grazing alarms will go away in a few weeks when we finish the fence but for now...I do a lot of standing around in snaky tall grass! and I'm amazed some times at how fast the time between alarms passes. It is hard to get anything done sometimes...

Tomorrow, instead of laundry and sewing I will have to sit at my computer and "work" for five hours. I only have two more days of "work" to fulfill my financial aid obligation. Then I have a portfolio due next Monday, then it is just the thesis (which I will be working on this summer). I CANNOT wait to have more sewing time....

In the meantime, I'm working on two Friendship star quilts for a set of twins who are celebrating their bar/bat mitzvah. We decided on a star gazing theme and will give each a book, a star wheel, and a quilt, AND the hubs will be their star-gazing guide for several nights using the big telescope. Sounds cool, huh? (Hope I get them finished in time!)

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