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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Conflicted (as usual?!)

I'm stealing a little time in the sewing room today....I started out mending and such, then found myself pulling out last summer's Dresden plates. I've got twelve plates made and I've blanket stitched two of those. I did the stitching on the machine and therein lies my conflict. 

The plates are pieced with 1930s reproductions and I want an authentic-vintage look and I don't think the machine blanket stitch looks authentic, BUT....

The machine stitch looks good AND it is faster....about a gazillion times faster than my hands, BUT doing it by hand is the RIGHT way....at least for the feeling I want from this quilt. 

I think I just resolved my conflict....I needed to "talk" it out. The feeling I want is authentic-vintage...that means no machine for the blanket stitch. Okey Dokey, I'll make the two machine stitched ones into pillows (or one two-sided pillow) and move on.
Thanks for listening.

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