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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Does anyone else feel physically burdened when there is too much clutter? I literally feel like I'm carrying a heavy weight when I try to work or sleep in a cluttered room. Sadly, I didn't take before pictures, but suffice it to say that I COULD NOT work in my sewing room....it was too full and too junky. A couple of days ago I simply could not stand it for another minute and I moved all of the paper/paint "stuff" into the guest room and spiffed up my sewing room.
The guest room. The little bookcase used to be in the sewing room.

The guest room. The table was in the sewing room. I tried not to clutter up the guest room....there is nothing more annoying than being asked to sleep in a junky room and I don't sleep well amongst clutter....I want our guest room to be restful. (There is still some work to do organizing, but it is mostly out of sight....some is in the closet).

TA-DAH! My uncluttered sewing room complete with space for a design wall (where that black rod is hanging). 

I guess I should have taken a couple more pictures to show you the rest of the room. 

Now, if I could just get two spare minutes to go in there and do some sewing!

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P. said...

I have clean sewing room envy right about now. ;) Nice work on the de-cluttering! I bet you breathe a big sigh of relief in there now. Mine is in desperate need of reorganizing, and I definitely understand you on the physically burdened thing.

I wanted to email you back on your comment about the dish you liked on my blog, but your email settings are set to "no reply," so I'll give you the info here. That line is from Stetson Marcrest and is called Swiss Alpine. I love 'em too! However, in my own quest to de-clutter, I will probably be selling what I have at some point. Let me know if you might be interested. And thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment!