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Monday, October 29, 2012

Whew! What a day....

Geez, every day I think to myself, "you should write on your blog," but I never seem to have the time. My thesis is in the final revisions stages (ie. I'm looking for misplaced commas and such) and I have a little more time to myself....a little. So I've been doing some cool stuff like re-arranging my sewing room and culling out some space in the guest room for scrapbooking, I've built a cool shelf/organizer and even been doing some sewing and crochet, but what finally gets me to sit down and write? A bad day...

First things first, I thought today was going to be a good day. Corrie May slept until 6:30, went out and peed, and then was quiet for ANOTHER 30 MINUTES! I had slept all night long...all night....both of those events are unheard of around here. I rolled out of bed to do chores thinking, "alright, this is going to be a good one"...huh, I was SOOOO wrong. 

I bundled up and jammed my woolly socks into my Sloggers, little rubber garden clogs (they are like crocs). It was a little frosty this morning and apparently that makes the grass slick...there's a little slope down to the barn and I bet you know where this is going, right? 

Sloggers have no traction and the grass was slick and I landed right on my bum. (I was proud of myself for twisting so I didn't land on my tailbone, but it still smarted). So, I hurry through my chores in both barns because it is cold and it takes about 30 minutes to do the quick version of chores in the morning. During that time, the dogs are running and chasing and playing and such....I don't pay much attention to them. I call them as I walk back to the house and we all go in together. Much to my dismay, in that 30 minute window Corrie has gotten bit or stung by something and her whole eye is swollen shut....

I head right to the vet, jeans covered in chicken poop (no lie) and I haven't even had a cup of tea yet! Not a snake bite, but something got her. Loaded with Benedryl we head home, she zonks and I get a shower, tea, breakfast and then get to work....I teach on Mondays and I had no lesson plans. 

I get everything done for class and head out (probably a little late) and realize that my car is idling weird, but I go on....it has quirks and I ignore most of them, most of the time. I'm only 6 miles from the campus, but about half-way I hear a strange noise...roll down the window, no smoke, no smell, but I've been trained to look at gauges (this is the car that eats batteries). Running hot, but no smoke??? I turn into the residential streets, going slow, stop at a stop sign and BLOOM....smoke, blue and smelly and YIKES....what to do? I'm close, very close so I limp into the parking lot...park backwards (because I know I'm going to need a tow truck).....arrrggghhh!

I get home to find all my anti-freeze in the floor of the garage....I know my hubs is going to ask "Didn't you notice that" and No, I didn't notice. Too busy trying not to run into the garage, to busy trying to get my head on straight so I can teach my class,...blah. 

I've been informed that I may have "toasted the engine" which is fine with me....my original message to the hubs was something like, "I hope the fuckin' thing catches fire and explodes." 

Anyone want to buy a Classic RX-7 convertible?...I know where you can get one cheap.

PS. Corrie had her second dose of doggie benedryl and the swelling has gone down a tiny bit.

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