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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Things happen in threes....

....or maybe it is three bad days in a row? Yesterday was a fun one too...Corrie's swollen head looked worse than ever, but she seemed to eat, drink, pee, poop, and play like normal so I left her in her crate and headed to work. I was only a little late because it took 20 minutes to find a truck key and my key ring?....no where to be found.

When I got home at 5:15 it looked like her head was going to explode it was so swollen. When I examined it closely I thought maybe I was seeing punctures....maybe a snake bite after all? The hubs and I consulted by phone and agreed to visit the vet tomorrow (this morning).

I head out to do the barn chores and find two bloody noggins from head butts. I wasn't too surprised as I've been telling Jasper to "use your horns" when Ben-Ben picks on him. I guess he finally took my advice, but his head was bleeding too. Not to worry, a little squirt-squirt and off we go.

I call the dogs to go in and Corrie's head has begun to bleed from the area I thought looked punctured. I applied warm compresses for over an hour and drained the blood and pus from her little head. Poor little girl, she was so good even though I know it hurt. When all was said and done last night I just shut the door on the bloody wash cloths and towels and floor and tub of the guest bath.

These don't look nearly as gross as they smelled this morning.

After another trip to the vet. (A little gore for your Halloween).

We've been to the vet again and came home with antibiotics and pain meds....poor girl. I'm starting to feel a little over-protective....and more than a little run down. 

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