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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Better times

My bad days ended after three, so indeed it was a three day thing as I mentioned before. Yesterday ended with my discovering that I had dried two loads of laundry with a lipstick...I was ready to crawl into bed and stay for a week. Of course, that is never an option around here and when the alarm went off at 2am. I dutifully got up and gave Corrie her medicine. Then, up again at sunrise to take care of goats and chickens.

I piddled the morning away, but after lunch I settled down to a project. Sadly, I didn't quite get finished (and you know my track record when it comes to actually finishing). I wanted new placemats...something that actually matched our stupid blue plates. We got those dishes when we got married and we've never had matching placemats or napkins. When I set a "nice" table it looks like I've been shopping at garage sales....ugh.

the center fabric has bees on it

Well now, it looks kind of crappy in this pic....I like it better in person. I made 8 and even if I wake up and hate them tomorrow we are going to use them...because they match each other and look decent with the stupid blue plates....maybe they will look better when they are bound? 

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P. said...

This post made me giggle. Maybe it's the reference to the "stupid blue plates" or the fact that I can relate to taking a picture of something that looks way better in person but "like crap" on screen. LOL. Anyway, I like the placemats and they do look nice. I bet they look really good with the blue plates.

PS - I have a pile of Stetson Marcrest dishes sitting on the floor of my sewing room that I'm not sure what to do with, but I couldn't bring myself to donating them back to Goodwill, from whence they came. So I have an idea to make a table mat based on the colors of the platter I found in the dishes' design. I really do like them, but how many sets of dishes does one need? Then again, the holidays are coming.