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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goat Watch 2013 Continues

 Still watching Ruby for signs that she is in labor. Even though her belly appears to be full of aliens, she doesn't (besides resting a bit more) appear to be ready to give birth. I'm kind of tired of watching, but I know that will end the minute she starts to give birth.

While I've been watching, I finished a wall-hanging for the shop to use as a sample and I got back on my Dresden Plate project. I've got a plan and I was all ready to start piecing some more when I realized my quarter inch foot is missing....I suspect it didn't make it home from the repair shop. Poop!

Anyway, I started the blanket stitching on the 9 that are pieced and I have a plan...thanks to Pinterest I'm actually interested in finishing this quilt. I should have a board on Pinterest called "Re-Interest" as in, I'm re-interested in this because I saw one on Pinterest and I'm motivated and inspired to finish my own.

I didn't get a whole lot done today, because I confess I have to "check on" the goats fairly frequently. "Check on" is code for snuggle babies....yep, can't resist those little stinkers. They smell like hay and sunshine and seemed to be either filled with joy or plumb tuckered out; running wild or sleeping soundly in other words.

I think I might need a vacation....I'm plumb tuckered out too!  

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P. said...

What a pretty dresden you're working on. "Re-Interest," I love it! Looks like you have had an exciting and busy month of welcoming new critters. They are adorable!