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Sunday, February 17, 2013

False Labor, Little Sleep, and Twins

Last night after I posted I went out to check the goats one last time. I was already wearing my pjs and ready for bed so I just pulled some sweats over them, grabbed a coat and headed out. I was just checking, right?

The minute I stepped on the porch I heard bellowing. Now Ruby, she bellows all.the.time, but not at night and anyway, it wasn't her. All I could think was, "Oh, Shit. It's 9pm and I want to sleep.

Once in the barn I find our Fanny who never talks at all bellowing, grunting, stretching her back and other assorted things that indicate she is in labor.  Long story short, this goes on for over 2 hours and then she seemed to settle down. Me, I tried to read, I tried to draw, but finally I just curled up in the straw and watched her. When she started to settle I came in to make a cup of tea assuming I was going to have a longer night. I went back out and she is calmly chewing her cud and dozing. Not in labor? WHAT?

A little after midnight I decide to Google "false labor in goats" and yep, it can happen. 12:30 I go to bed, but set an alarm for 2:30, then 4:30 just to check her. Both times she is calm and in the same place as before....obviously NOT in labor. ARgggghhh.

Today as I'm visiting with my family, I look out the window and immediately KNOW she is about to kid. Don't ask me how, she just didn't look right. I led her into the barn and within the hour she had twins. WOO HOO!

Maybe tonight I'll get to sleep all night!

Fanny, with Scarlet and Ashley (male). Their father is Rhett Butt-ler.

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Jocelyn said...

Now that is wonderful (if not also exhausting)!

I believe that if there's a false labor in goats, I'll also experience it, because I always get the weird things. At least I know someone else who went through that too!

They are adorable, congratulations!!