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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Holy Cow! or Goat(s)

Day two of the Stay-cation/Goat Watch ended with another birth. Vaca went into labor early in the day and we were in the barn until 10pm or so. She was very uncomfortable and it wasn't until she had been pushing for awhile that we saw a tiny bit of baby...the wrong bit. I had read and read and read to make sure I was prepared. I knew I was supposed to see two hooves and a nose. Instead I saw a nose with the tongue out. I thought the poor thing was dead, but then the tongue moved and I shifted into high gear. I sent my mom to the house for The Book (Storey's GT Raising Goats) and I gloved up. While she was gone I attempted to reposition the baby and then saw a nose and a hoof. I consulted the book, re-gloved, reached in and hooked the little left hoof that was tucked back and bloop, just like that out came this little guy. I'm not sure how I looked, but I can tell you than I was VERY RELIEVED to have a live baby and mom.

Goat #2: minutes old.
Can you believe that the second birth on the farm was a difficult birth, requiring assistance? I'm pooped out, completely whipped. Two late nights and the stress....yikes. Plus, each baby is only nursing one side and so I (and my mom) have been milking out some of the pressure on the un-nursed side. I've been knocked down three times and stepped on once (right on the boob...serves me right huh? I can just hear Gypsy saying, "Pull on my teat...I'll show you how it feels!)

Little Valentine in her red coat.
Last night was a cold one so I made both babies wear little red sweaters....they looked so cute, but the hubs was not amused. The last email he sent last night said, "Take that sweater off of her NOW!"...I didn't because it was cold and he wasn't here to make me (so there), plus the cuteness factor was too much for me. 

Ruby and Fanny are getting huge, but I don't think they will kid for a few days yet (but what the hell do I know?!) I need a good night's sleep....I'm starting to do dumb things. For example, I left the water running in the bathroom sink, full blast. Not really sure how long it was running. Thank goodness there is that little overflow hole thing because of course I had plugged it. Yep...I need sleep. 

This Stay-Cation has been a whole lot of Staying and not a lot of Cationing. Remind me to schedule my next Stay-Cation in say, January next year so I can rest up for this craziness.

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Jocelyn said...

I understand that the tongue out thing is normal in the little bubbas.

Congrats on another successful birth!

PS--I LIKE the sweater!