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Monday, March 15, 2010

All In a Day's Work: More Demolition

I sort of wanted to keep the ceiling tile that I had used for the walls way back when, but as you might be able to see I found a small patch of mold under the stacked baseboards. It wasn't much of a surprise, we know we have a leak in that drain lower down. Even though it wasn't a surprise I am always optimistic when I start something so I hate it when I get thrown a curve like that. I did envision keeping the ceiling tiles wall and re-painting it, but I will admit that I'm not too sad about getting to do something different after nine years. The house was built in 1975 so nothing is straight forward.

I am whipped....I tore out all the drywall behind the sink area, all the drywall in the shower, AND scraped the popcorn-crap off the ceiling. YIKES. At some point I get to do the fun stuff....picking tile and paint and such, but tomorrow I will start on the tub and tile. Yes, the tub is going...Woo Hoo!!

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