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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sorry, No Pics

Yesterday was a long day. Orientation and TA (teacher's assistant) training and then Eat, Pray, Love with my only friend from college. It was a long day, but there isn't a single part of it I would delete if given a chance to do it over again. All good.

I got home too late (about 9:45) to talk to my hubs and I had not had dinner and I needed some yoga to help me decompress and so it was about 11 when I turned the lights out. The lights were out, but I couldn't turn off my head and I laid awake for hours. Some of the orientation was just plain scary and I was a little freaked out....okay, A LOT freaked out.

The dogs woke me at 5am for a potty break and I conked out hard after obsessing over all the things that I wanted to do this weekend before starting classes. I was zonked when the phone rang....the realtor letting me know someone wanted to show the house today at 11:30 or 12. So, there went all my plans for the day....nothing like something right smack dab in the middle of the day to fuck it up completely. Seriously. Oh, wait worse than the middle of the day interruption was the wake up call.

Finally, I get to talk to the hubs and I have another minor meltdown. I just don't do this "stuff" well. I had to hurriedly water the garden and spiff the house. Then I had to load the dogs up and head to my mom's house for a couple of hours. So, instead of doing what I had planned I laid on her guest bed and started reading my first assignment and it all worked out okay BUT I am still seriously disturbed by the whole thing. I do not like being awakened, I do not like having to find something to do so strangers can walk through my house, I do not like ditching my whole day's plans,....You get the picture.

This blog may turn into the chronicle of my slow, but sure disintegration. BLAH!

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