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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling a little set up!

So, today I bring you my Ragamuffin Report from Meltdown City. That is where I am living these days....

I'm in the third week of grad school and I have many complaints, but I'm just going to rant about one....The Set Up!

My advisor tells me, and I paraphrase: Masters students have it the hardest because they are in the same classes with the PhD students and are held to the same standards AND If you are just "punching a clock" doing 40 hours a week, you won't make it. Expect to put in 60+ hours a week.

Needless to say, I'm a little grumpy about this whole thing and this morning while trying to get my printer to go a little faster by cussing it out I decided to pass the time with a little math.

There are 168 hours in a week.

8 hours of sleep a night is 56 hours a week
1 hour a day to shower, dress, eat breakfast, and feed the dogs is 7
2 hours of driving (m-f) is 1o hours
1/2 hour for lunch is 3.5 hours
1 hour for making, eating and cleaning up dinner is 7 hours
1 hour for feeding the dogs, cats, and cleaning up the inevitable poop, and chores is 7 hours
1/2 hour to get ready for bed, including taking the dogs out to pee is 3.5 hours
11 hours a week in class is 11 hours
1 hour to do the grocery shopping and errands is 1 hour
2 hours to do laundry (and you know this takes WAY longer when you use a clothesline) 2 hours
168-110=58 hours left over....FIFTY EIGHT hours, so there aren't 60+ hours left over in a week. Not enough hours left over. Not enough.....

That is definitely how I'm feeling right now, LIKE THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY.

I promised myself I would post at least once a week, so it was a rant.

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Courtney K said...

Yep...been there. I finally came to realize that I cannot be a perfectionist at some things. I will just have to do enough to get by. It may not be a perfect A or 100 on an assignment...but at least I spent time with my daughter. It's a horribly tough lesson but I know you can do it. Hell, you are a yoga master....you will learn to balance all of this soon. Loves ya!