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Monday, January 24, 2011


We had to make a hard decision today....we decided to let nature take it course for Japhy. He had an ultrasound which revealed two masses growing on his liver. The vet's opinion was that the largest mass would be inoperable because it was growing around the artery. She said that if it were her dog she wouldn't take the risk, but would let it run its course.

So, no more tests, no more poking and prodding, and no more vets until we see symptoms and signs of pain. Right now he is not exhibiting any symptoms and acts as if nothing is wrong. Our goal will be the make sure he is happy and pain-free until the end. Even though I know this is the right decision it was still very hard for us.

On our evening walk the wise old owl who we haven't seen for weeks made an appearance as if to say, "Trust your wisdom. It is right."


Misti said...

Oh, I hurt for you. Brings back memories of our sweet Howdy (the Great). Give him love for me :)

ragamuffin yogini said...

Thank you. He receives any love that is sent his way and I whisper from whom it came. When I finish here, before his dinner he will get a special hug "from Misti".