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Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking Down From a Desk Chair

These bubs are my constant companions and as I work at the desk they stay by my side even though they have to lay on the concrete floor. There are rugs just a few feet away, but they prefer the proximity to me.

We are coddling them these days and still adjusting to the "knowing". We know, but we can't do anything. It is hard. This is what my sister had to say via email:

"So, the way I see it, All the Japhy news is good news.
--Monkey butt gone, delicious snack
--no surgery for monkey butt or liver tumor
--he gets spoiled for the rest of his life
Its win win for everyone. That liver tumor may have been there for years. Who knows how fast it's really growing. Japhy could have many more years ahead. You never know. Spoil him rotten."

Words of wisdom from my little sister: "You never know". We should apply that to our own lives too....because you don't ever know and you shouldn't miss out now, because there may not be a later.

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