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Saturday, January 22, 2011

When I think my head will explode....

....I love the rhythm of crochet to calm me down. Repetitive motions are so soothing. This one is worked in multiples of threes: three dcs in every third stitch and all those 3s make me very calm.

I got the idea of this sort of thing from Lucy at the Attic24 blog (I purposely don't put in links because they lead you along until you realize that you don't know where you began. I get rather lost when I click links. Just Google "Attic24" and you will find her).

Anyway, I got this idea from her, but have sort of made it my own as I tend to do. Her crochet is always so bright and lively and fun. When I need some cheer in my life I go to her blog and peruse her crochet projects.

Right now, I'm needing the cheer...my Japhy J is having some health problems and we are spending a lot of time both mopping up and visiting/calling vets. Monday he is having a biopsy that will determine if his liver is healthy enough to withstand a major surgery, which he needs to remove the root of a tumor.

Today we had a little crisis. We spent the morning mopping up blood and washing his bedding and this afternoon was spent at the vet's office. I'm dreadfully behind on school work and have 70 more pages to read tonight. Right now you're thinking, "why in the heck are you blogging? get to work!".

I should explain that I blog while I eat dinner. It is a nice break, but alas it is over. Off to work....

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Attic24 said...

Lovely soft colours you're using jen, an yes i completely agree about the soothing, medatative quality of crochet. I love it for that, especially doing those long rows.

Thanks for letting me know about your lvely blog, it's been a pleasure visiting!
ps a hug for your doggie, hope you get good new soon xxxxxx