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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saving Seed and Sunshine

Some days are just so glorious that I don't know what to write about. Today I did so many fabulous things, but of course I only have pictures of loofah de-seeding in preparation for this year's garden.

I spent most of the day outdoors; hanging laundry, moving compost, watering, dragging hoses, and sitting on the banks of the pond watching Japhy J "fish". I think I might even be a little sunburned, but it felt so good to just blow off school work and go with the flow...some chores got done, but mostly I just did what I wanted to do....my soul was hungry for the dirt, the sun, the quiet, the hope that comes in those little seed packets, and the freedom to enjoy watching my silly dog without stressing over what I had to get done....I might pay for it tomorrow, but I don't really care not. one. bit!


Monica said...

It really was a beautiful day, wasn't it? I have to confess...I spent the day inside sewing. I did open the blinds though to enjoy the sun.

Glad to hear you took some time for yourself. We all need days like that once in a while.

Misti said...

Oh, I absolutely yearn for this time for myself! On a funny side note, over Christmas break, I was grilling at my parents' and caught the grill on fire (long story), but above the grill were her dried loofahs, and when they caught on fire & smoldered, I thought of you...:)