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Monday, July 4, 2011

Where I've Been and What I've Been Up To

I've mostly been too busy and then too tired to post, but I'm feeling a list coming on....yep, a list....here it comes.

What I've been doing for the last week:

Running errands
Grocery shopping
Watching birds
Taking dogs to the vet
Researching for my thesis
Visiting the TCU library
Shopping for shower curtain makings
Making shower curtains
Digging holes
Buying lumber
Picking out metal siding for the barn
Setting posts for the barn
Eating dinner at Mom's
Playing with my niece
Doing five loads of laundry
Mowing on the tractor
Pushing the little mower
Dragging hoses
Pulling weeds
Feeding Birds
Eating a hamburger after 25 years of being a vegetarian
Cleaning the guest room
Painting the guest bath
Watching "Day of the Triffids"
Sewing, the tiniest bit
....Hopefully, I'll be better rested soon.


Misti said...

You ate a hamburger!?

JC said...

I was a there and witnessed it. Pretty amazing. She also ate a piece of bacon a couple of weeks earlier.