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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coldframes: Salad in December!

Several years ago we used some old windows to build two coldframes. When we moved, they moved with us, but just sat in the side yard looking forlorn for almost a year. This fall I put one of them to work again. I planted lettuce and spinach and plan to plant lettuce and spinach in the other one too so we will have a "continuous" harvest. The picture above is with the top open, but when it is closed the whole "roof" is window that allows it to work as a greenhouse. When I keep it closed the sun warms it and it holds it heat in the night. In other beds I also have beets and cilantro. Every few days I can harvest just enough greens for two salads for dinner.

As we are planning our garden for next year I am trying not to dwell on my past failures (of which there are many), but to celebrate my successes. Salad in December is definitely a success! And I have to say it is the BEST salad I've had in ages and ages.

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