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Thursday, December 29, 2011

You are your Father's Daughter!

Years and years ago, my dad built a contraption much like the one I "built" today (i'm using the term "built" very loosely, because I'm pretty sure strapping something down with a bungee isn't building). We kids called my Dad's contraption the Raccoon Mobile and even spray painted the name on the side. As I recall the big cousins gave the little ones rides in it as an alternative to wheelbarrow rides and those rides were always accompanied by a shout of "Burn rubber, Fozzy!" My Dad's Raccoon Mobile was a square galvanized thing instead of a round washtub, but otherwise it is the same vehicle. Though I vaguely remember pushing the thing around I don't really remember it being used, but I'm sure it was.

Lately my little red wheelbarrow has been in use as a tool transport between the attached garage and the big garage we are building and I just couldn't bring myself to unload all the tools only to have to re-load them for the next work day....just couldn't do it. I've been wanting my own Raccoon Mobile for awhile and in fact that old mower was kept just for that purpose....it just took the necessity for me to get out there and take the engine and blade off. A few minutes and one busted, bloody knuckle later I had my own RM and used it all day. I hauled my sod I was tearing out and my little cedar posty things I was putting in...besides a few rattly wheels I need to tighten it worked like a champ.

Something for nothing and useful to boot....gotta love that!

Note: I emailed my sister and asked if she remembered the Raccoon Mobile, this is her reply:
Is that a second generation raccoon mobile? Looks like a fun ride for M[uffin]. Burn rubber Fozzy!!!!

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