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Friday, December 30, 2011

More Growing, Less Mowing

When we moved here a year ago the yard was grass, weeds, and three ornamental trees (one of them diseased and deformed). It nearly killed me when Spring arrived and I had no beds to plant in, but I was just too busy to spend days and days digging out the sod and putting in edges.

Because of the drought we couldn't in good conscience water enough to keep the grass green and so turned off the sprinklers in June...since then we have had brown, dead grass and lately A LOT of dandelions. Now, that I have some breathing room (I just emailed my latest draft to my advisor today) I feel like I can devote whole days to digging and planning. Though we have a large garden for veggies around the corner, my thought is to create pretty and partially edible beds in the front yard. I think I will plant mint around this tree (a stupid ornamental pear) and this bed in front of the porch will have a twin on the other side. I'm kind of thinking some Salvia greggii in the back for height and to attract hummingbirds and butterflies and then as ground cover oregano and thyme. Of course, just this one bed is 16 feet long so, I will likely need more than oregano and thyme to fill it. I'm still in the thinking and dreaming stages, but I envision a beautiful, lush, and fragrant garden some day.

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