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Saturday, January 5, 2013

#5: Make one clothing item

The Penelope Skirt (Pattern from Serendipity Studios).
[This is fast becoming a favorite pattern.]

Thursday I taught a beginning sewing class using the Penelope skirt. It is such a great skirt for beginners, BUT it is a super-fast skirt for those of us that have very little follow-through (if you know what I mean). I started this one in the class, but stopped my own sewing to help my students finish their skirts. I only lacked the elastic and the bottom band. 

I can whip up one of these babies in about an hour....elastic waist, self-hemming....seriously, it doesn't get much easier. I specifically chose this fabric from my stash because I think I can wear my boots with it...it is almost ankle length and though you can't tell it is black with rust, green, teal, and gold.

I see many more of these in my future, but for today I want to WOO HOO because I've met one goal of my January Sewing goals. #5: one clothing item done!!! I have a new skirt AND my stash is that much lighter.

It is January 5th....how are those resolutions holding up?

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