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Friday, January 4, 2013

January: Blue

Happy New Year! I've finally got a little time and I need to make some of my resolutions more concrete by putting them in writing. This year I have decided to whittle down my stash, weed out the trash, and basically get back to the roots of my quilting (more about that later). I've got some other goals for the year, but those are for another post. Today is about my sewing/quilting goals.

I thought that perhaps the best way to tackle the problem was with rules and a theme. 

#1. The theme is BLUE for January, so I tackled my blue bin. I've got two projects in the works from the bin, but neither are in a state ready for photos....the new rules for the bin? Nothing smaller than a quarter yard/fat quarter goes in the bin. Smaller bits get cut into 2 1/2, 5, or 6 1/2 squares or 2 1/2 strips and are stored with like sizes.

The Blue Bin: Before

#2. The Farmer's Wife quilt. I started this quilt ages ago....The Rules: 9 blocks each month.

#3. The String quilt (from an earlier post): My hubs really likes this one and wants it for our bed: KING? yikes....The Rules: 9 blocks each month.

#4. The drawers of UFOs? .... The Rules: Choose 2 each month and FINISH them!

#5. Make at least one clothing item (from the stash fabric....no new fabric).

These are my Slash the Stash guidelines. I work best with rules and goals and putting things in writing. Do you always stick to the rules? Do you start new projects before you finish the old ones? 

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