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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

best laid plans

Well, ya'll I had big plans for a New Year's Day post then I spent the evening chasing coyotes, looking for my rooster, then super-gluing a hen back together.

Sadly, Lord Crowley is gone. He was kind of mean, but he was our mean rooster and I liked him anyway. All I could find of him were piles of feathers strewn about. The hen however, is a scrappy little thing and is doing well. She even laid an egg today in her "hospital" room. I built her a bigger "hospital" today and moved her back to the coop.

Now, that I finished buying groceries, cleaning house, and all that non-sense I don't have anything left for blogging....but I'll be back with Resolutions, Big Plans, and Finished Projects. Yep, I did say "Finished"

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