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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dream a little Dream

I have this little dream....I'm sort of scared to reveal it, but I'm going to anyway. When we dreamed up this farm, built a barn, bought goats, got chickens I started to think of us and the farm as interconnected. We want the farm to be self-sustaining and for awhile I was selling enough eggs to buy the chicken feed, but seasons change and it became very clear that for the farm to be self-sustaining it would have to be more than eggs, kids, and (fingers crossed) milk and cheese. That's when I started dreaming.....

The things I love to do most are sew, quilt, craft, etc. and about the same time that I started thinking of us as the part of the farm I started to think about, dream about, wonder if I could actually sell my quilts and such as part of the farm. I started by making fabric flowers as lapel pins and I labeled them Owl Tree Farm Handmade...they sold in the shop for awhile, then no more....Now that I have time, I've been working on some other things too. 

(Big Owl pillow and Baby Owl Stuffies)

This is just 1/4 of a strip quilt with an applique corner.
I guess now that I've revealed my dream of making money (or supporting our farm) with my sewing I shouldn't be embarrassed to admit that I have NO IDEA how to go about selling myself or my wares. I'm not very good at self-promotion and to be honest most of the time I think my work is just not good enough to sell.  Also, I'm so out of touch with real people that I have no idea what is hot and what is not, what would or could sell, or what price to ask. 

I used to think I was an "old soul," but now I think I'm a backward, shy child in an adult's body. Awkard.

What do you think? Can a simple, farmgirl make some money selling her crafts? How? Where? Help me out here.....


Monica said...

You should seriously consider giving Etsy a try. I know someone who sells her quilts on there and does pretty good.

Jocelyn said...

I would say Etsy, too. Craft fairs can work, but you have to go to the right ones, or it's a waste.

I wish you all the luck in the world. I would love to see you do it!!!